Apocalypse Delight
is a german-french director's duo made of Franziska Unger and Camille Tricaud.

Camille Tricaud’s and Franziska Unger’s common work focuses about climate change, consumption, media and advertisement.
They challenge and deconstruct the images they are confronted with in the media world.

Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger met in 2018 in Munich. They came from different backgrounds: one, French, trained in
documentary and experimental film, the other, German, trained in architecture and visual arts. But they had a lot in common.
They started working together on the video "Apocalypse Airlines", exploring in a satirical way the relationship between climate
crisis, capitalism and marketing. This short film won several awards around the world, including the "Short Tiger Award" at the
2020 Cannes Film Festival
. They continue their work together, kind of fascinated by the links between consumerism and bad
conscience, global warming and individualism, hedonism and marketing. They themselves feel caught in a contradiction and are
looking for a visual form to respond to it.

They both see current climate change as one of the most important crises and both see the medium of film as a way to provoke
reflection and awareness. However, they reject a moral discourse and seek to create 'reflective films' rather than 'indictment films'.
They also like to think like Wittgensteins: Humor is the only way to ask the deepest and essential questions of life.

Camille Tricaud was born in Bordeaux and studied Philosophy in Munich. Since 2014, she has been studying Directing at the
University of Television and Film (HFF) Munich. Her short hybrid and experimental films have been screened in numerous
international festivals, including Cannes, Ji.hlava, Côté Court, Kassel, Bimovie.... She also works as a cinematographer ("Which
way to the west", 3sat Award Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage 2019) and as an editor ("The Ink Doesn't Dry", German Short Film Prize
Nomination 2019).

Franziska Unger was born in Heilbronn and studied Architecture in Dresden. Since 2014 she works as an architect and since 2018,
she works as a visual artist with the pseudonym tanpopo. Her works consist of music videos with found footage as much as
experimental film projects and graphic design and has been shown in numerous festivals and galleries including Cannes, Videodox,
Münzenberg Forum Berlin... and won several awards. 

Franziska Unger and Camille Tricaud have worked together since 2018. They are together holders of the Media Arts Scholarship
of the Kirch Stiftung for the year 2020