APOCALYPSE BABY, we advertise the end of the world
Dir. Franziska Unger & Camille Tricaud, 22min, 2021

"Apocalypse Baby, we advertise the end of the world" is a Teleshopping Show in the year 2050. The moderators present the new products that  will help humankind to survive the climate apocalypse. A pop satire about consumerism and climate crises. If we really have to adapt ourselves to the climate crises, who can really afford it ?”

“A great many of us engage in this kind of climate change denial. We look for a split second and then we look away. Or we look but then turn it into a joke (“more signs of the Apocalypse!”). Which is another way of looking away.”
Naomi Klein (This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, 2014).

💎️ Supported by FFA, Kirch Stiftung & University of Television and Film Munich


APOCALYPSE AIRLINES                                                                                                           
Dir. Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger, 3 min, 2019 

Apocalypse Airlines is a “fake” : a commercial spot for a fictive airline, that confronts us with our own contradictions. Everyone wants to travel, discover the world, feel free, consume, although we all know the environmental consequences of air travel. Are we ready to make compromises, in order to live with full responsibility ? Should it be an individual or a political decision ?

Screenings and awards

Next Generation Short Tiger, Cannes, 2020   *Short Tiger Award

Foresight Film Festival Berlin 2019    *Audience Award
München Filmschool Festival, 2019   *Climat Clip Award 
Kunstwettbewerb - Münzenberg Forum Berlin 2020  *Experimental Film Award
Kurzfilm festival Hamburg “Flotter Dreier Wettbewerb” 2020 *Audience Award
Underdox / Videodox, München, 2019 / Up and Coming Festival Hannover 2019 / Green Image Filmfestival, Tokyo, 2020 / Tricky Women, Vienna, 2020 / Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, 2020 / Filmfest Dresden, 2020 / Sehsüchte - Potsdam 2020 / Cinemambiente - Torino 2020 / Interfilm Berlin 2020 / La nuit de la transition Paris - 2020 / PÖFF – Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn 2020 (Estland) / Festival de Cine Alemán 2020 - Buenos Aires / Filmfestival Warschau 2020 (Polen) / German Currents Los Angeles 2020 – 14th Annual Festival of German Films (USA) / Festival of German Films in Moskau 2020 (Russland)

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Xmas card ordered by the University of Television and Film Munich   - December 2020

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🧠️ Third Episode of the Trilogy of Climate Change --> work in progress 🧠️

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